Get the right eating plan to lean out, while you train at your best.

Diet Strategies to Lean Out will guide you through ten core diet strategies to lean out while you optimize your training and continue to fuel performance. Core concepts include meal planning, meal timing, best meals and snacks to fuel training, which types of food to avoid and how to build mindful eating habits. This course includes a video lecture, goal oriented workbook, and supportive resources to help you build mindful eating habits. To be successful with this course, we suggest that you follow these five easy steps:

  • Take the Pre-Course quiz to test your knowledge and identify learning gaps.

  • Print a copy of our workbook and supportive resources.

  • Watch the video. Watch the video a second time. This time pause the video at the end of each strategy to answer the questions and action items in the workbook.

  • Set an actionable goal based on gaps identified. Use the supportive resources to follow through with your goal.

  • Take the Post-course quiz to test your knowledge.

** This course is recommended for athletes aged 18 and older as leaning out should not be undertaken during growth and development. 

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Please Read Before Starting

  • 2

    Diet Strategies to Lean Out

    • Pre-Course Quiz

    • Diet Strategies to Lean Out Workbook

    • Diet Strategies to Lean Out Video

    • Meal Ideas to Lean Out

    • Snacks to Lean Out

    • Weekly Meal Planner

    • Post-Course Quiz

    • Course Evaluation

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